New Magical Winter Song!

Siobhan has recorded a new song for the holiday season. “The Snow Goose Song” was released on December 14th, from Amazon (
or from iTunes (

This song will also be included on Siobhan’s next album, due to be released early next year.

The video was recorded on a very cold December evening in a forest in Wales. That breath you can see coming out of Siobhan’s mouth is real!

Below is the official video for “The Snow Goose Song”.

Celtic Roots European Tour

During her year long stay based in Wales, Siobhan had a very successful European Tour, performing in festivals, concerts and shows in France, Italy, Germany and Belgium. She also took her “Celtic Roots Tour” to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! She also paid a visit back to Australia to represent Wales in the Australian Celtic Festival, stopping in Japan on her return to the UK fo perform at the Kansai Celtic Music Festival.

Here is a video of Siobhan entertaining audiences around the world with the name of her birthplace and a Welsh song about multi-coloured goats!