Success in Siberia!

Siobhan (voice of Yseult) and Roberto Tiranti (voice of Tristan) were the invited guest performers at the Russian Premiere of Alan Simon’s “Tristan & Yseult” at the Novosibirsk Theatre of Music and Comedy, Siberia, for 4 shows on February 14, 15 and 16 2015. They received a lovely, warm welcome, standing ovations and many gifts – with the promise to have them back later in the year.

Below is a video of Siobhan performing in the Russian Premiere of “Tristan & Yseult”

As a girl who grew up in Australia, Siobhan hasn’t come across much snow, so winter in Siberia was an experience for her! Here are a few photos of Siobhan, Roberto and Alan having some fun in the snow.